Aaron Creek Circuit Hike

The walk starts at Aaron Creek Picnic area just below of the Goondaloo Cottage. It follows a common track with the Aaron Creek Circuit walk. Soon after meeting Heysen Trail, going left you will reach a junction where you have the option to follow the narrow track along Aaron Creek and go to the ocean or return back via Eagle Waterhole camp.

The views across The Southern Ocean and Kangaroo Island are stunning. We decide to follow the creek towards the ocean. The vegetation is overgrown on the track and poses a challenge as is very prickly. If you don’t give up, you start climbing up and soon you will see the ocean and the track descents to the rocky beach. Have a break, eat lunch and drink a cup of coffee if you brought with you, while you enjoy the views and the refreshing breeze. We return the same way until the track junction, where we follow the Heysen trail towards the Eagle Waterhole Camp. We admired the FOHT camp and the water tank and rest in the shade inside the camp. Afterwards, following the 4 WD track we return to the start. The total length was 10.5 km which took us a bit over 4 hours.

Western Grey Kangaroos


Sleepy Lizard


Distance: 10.5-11 km

Climb: 315 m

Time: allow 4.5 hours

Difficulty: hard

Season: All, take extra care in summer, have enough water, good footwear.

Starting point: Park the car at the parking bay just south of the Goondaloo cottage.

How to get there: From the Delamere General Stores, follow the signs to the Deep Creek Conservation Park. Approaching the park take the road to Blowhole Beach. Park the car at the parking bay just south of the Goondaloo cottage.