Hi There!

I am a keen hiker and my journey started 6 years ago when I have joined “The Friends of Heysen Trail” walking group. Walking with “The Friends of Heysen Trail” was great fun and helped me discover South Australia.

I enjoyed tracking my steps and I would like to share my slow journeys with you and help you discover South Australia.

My blog is aiming to be an informative resource of the walking trails mainly in South Australia but should not be your only source of your journey.

I have walked over a period of 6 years and I have made every effort to be accurate and to update my GPS tracks. Conditions of the tracks change all the time due to changing traffic conditions, natural disasters, re routes made by State and local parks and I don’t assume responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the directions.

I hope my trails will be a useful tool in planning your journeys.

Happy and safe walking on South Australia trails!