Balea Waterfall

Balea Waterfall

Balea Waterfall or Cascada Balea is in Fagaras Mountains, Romania, also called the Alps of Transylvania.

Balea Waterfall is at 1234 m altitude and has a height of 60m. Access is via Transfagarasan highway to Balea Waterfall Chalet (Cabana Balea Cascada).

Balea Waterfall
Balea Waterfall Chalet, in the distance


The track is marked with a red dot and it takes 50 to 60 minutes to reach the waterfall.

The total distance is 3 km and took 1 hour 36 minutes return. The track has a total ascent of 297.48 m and has a maximum elevation of 1,561.75 m.

The scenery is beautiful but it’s shadowed by the amount of garbage left on the track. I could not understand the lack of respect for nature. As we hike along two women were throwing a big rock in the creek. I was told they want to break the rock to take a small piece home???

It will take years of education for people to enjoy nature as it is and leave “no trace”.

Transfagarasan is a famous road on its own which was built during seventies by military forces. It crosses the mountains from Transylvania to Muntenia and has numerous tunnels and viaducts. Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson named Transfagarasan on of the best world’s road. The road is opened between June and September.

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