Belair National Park Walking Trails

Belair National Park is easily accessible and has a lot to offer, horse and bike riding, barbeque facilities and tennis courts.  There are a multitude of walking trails. The post describes walking trails in Belair National Park, which include the First waterfall and Echo tunnel. On your wanders you can come across kangaroos, koalas, emus, rabbits or you can listen to the songs of the numerous birds living in the park.


Walking Trails In Belair

Belair Waterfall Hike

The Waterfall hike takes you 2 seasonal waterfalls and passes through  Echo tunnel. The hike starts at Belair Park Country Club and you wind your way past Adventure playground and Old Government house.

Old Government house was the summer residence of the Governor of South Australia and it is worth a visit. The Old government house is opened on Sunday from 1300 to 1600.

Old Government House

The hike is of moderate difficulty.

Total distance =9 km.

Time =2 hours and 10 minutes

Ascent = 198 m.

How to get there:

By car: If you travel on Upper Sturt Road do not turn left to the main entry in Belair Park, take next left signed Belair Park Country Club.

Belair trail walker

Walk starts at Belair Railway Station. The walk will encompass parts of numerous tracks in Belair National Park. Follow the Lodge track and turn left on Wilyana Track. Reaching Workanda Track follow the track to the First Waterfall which is dry in summer. It has a platform with nice views over the park. From here continue on the path along Workanda Creek to descent to Echo Tunnel. You need the torch to walk through the tunnel. Continue on Echo Track. You can have a rest at one of the pavilions with tables and benches for nibbles and drinks. Kookaburra in the trees delighted us whilst resting. Next destination was Playford Lake via Pine Oval Road. The sunset was reflecting on the water, the ducks were waddling along the lake or floating in the water.

Continue to explore the park. From the lake you can take the trail towards the Government House. Kangaroos were getting ready for the night. To return to the railway station you follow Queen Jubilee Drive and the Valley Road to the Playford Lake. From here take Sir Edwin Ave and exit Belair Park at Sheok Road

The walk is 11.2 km with an ascent of 172 meters. Difficulty grade is medium.