Boat Harbor Circuit

Coastal View from Boat Harbor Circuit

Located within Deep Creek Conservation Park, Boat Harbor Circuit hike is another alternative to Deep Creek Circuit hike.

The walk is for fit, experienced hikers and rewards you with spectacular views of Kangaroo Island and The Pages Islands.

Description of the hike

The walk starts at Pages Lookout and follows the Heysen Trail to gradual descent to Boat Harbor Beach.

Following Heysen Trail on Boat Harbor Circuit
Heysen Trail Marker
Crossing Boat Harbor Creek
Crossing the Boat Harbor Creek
Walking on rocky side of the beach
Walking on the rocky side of the beach

From Boat Harbor Beach continue on Heysen trail, following the coastline to Tunkalilla Beach.

Walking towards Tunkalilla Beach
Walking towards Tunkalilla Beach

After spending some time on the beach, retrace your steps back to Boat Harbor Beach.

Walking towards Boat Harbor Beach Road
Walking towards Boat Harbor Beach Road

Continue on Heysen trail, until reaching the sign for Boat Harbor Circuit. From here the walk is mainly on fire tracks and steep uphill.

Boat Harbor Circuit Marker
Boat Harbor Circuit Hike Marker

Take the Boat Harbor Beach Road, turning left at Boat Harbor Block Track.

At the intersection with Tapanappa Road turn left and follow Tapanappa Road.

Turn left again at Pages Track to return at Pages lookout.

The hike has a total distance of 13.8 km and a duration of 5 hours and a half. Total ascent was of 408 meters.

From the beginning, you are spoiled this time of the year, with stunning vegetation. We saw orchids, Nodding Greenhoods and Mayfly, Wattles, Grevilleas along the coastal vegetation.

Along the coast, we spot dolphins playing in the ocean. Sleeping lizards were lying along the fire track. Kangaroos peering through the bushes, were watching us.

How to get to Pages Lookout

To enter Deep Creek Conservation park, you need permit which can be purchased online from

From Adelaide you can reach Tapanappa road via Inman Valley or via Delamere.

Entering Deep Creek Conservation Park, drive on Tapanappa Road towards Tapanappa campground.

Just before the campground, turn left on Pages track to arrive at Pages Lookout.

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