Chapmans Boobook

Chapmans Boobook
View from Black Hill

A hike with 2 distinct loops which involves Chapmans track in Morialta and Boobook track in Black Hill. A very scenic walk, with good training close to Adelaide.


The walk starts at Montacute Road entrance to Chapmans Track, Morialta which is about 2km up from Maryvale Road.

First loop follows tracks in Morialta Conservation Park. After entering the small gate, follow the track and climb the Chapmans Track. The climb is a category 2 climb of 12.7% grade with a gain of 180 meters and a length of 1.42 km.

Chapmans Boobook
Walking on Chapmans Track
Chapmans Boobook
Up the Chapmans Track

Turn right at Moores track, then again right to Fox Hill Track, that takes you down to Montacute Road.

Chapmans Boobook
View from Moores Track
Chapmans Boobook
Walking towards Fox Hill Track

Cross Montacute road and start the second loop in Black Hill Conservation Park.

Take the Orchard trail, then turn left on Orchard track. At the junction with Eagle Track, take the left track, Kestrel Track, then continue on Falcon track and Boobook track.

This is the second climb of category 3, 6.8 % grading with a gain of 180 meters with a length of 2.64 km.

Chapmans Boobook

Exit to Black Hill Road, turn left to go downhill on the steep Orchard Track and return to Montacute Road via Orchard trail.

This was a rewarding walk with stunning views, kangaroos and koala spotted on the tracks. We have seen pockets of Garland lily on some trails but I was told there are weeds.

The total distance is of 9.24 km with an elevation of 464 meters and takes about 3.5 hours.

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