Chatauqua Peak, Grampians

Chatauqua Peak, Grampians

Chatauqua Peak,  Grampians is a highly recommended walk if you are in Halls Gap. The walk is not as crowded as the popular Pinnacle and you are rewarded with great views over the Halls Gap, Lake Bellfield and Wonderland Range.

This is a 6 km route in and takes about 2 hours to complete. The route has a total ascent of 177.67 m and has a maximum elevation of 396.5 m. The walk is of easy to medium difficulty , except a short section near the Chatauqua Peak which requires some scrambling over rocks and boulders. Do not attempt to reach the summit if wet and windy as there are no protective barriers or hand rails.

Chatauqua Peak takes the name from the American Chatauqua Movement. Chatauqua Movement was a popular adult education movement in late 19th and early 20th in rural America.

Walk description

Cross the suspension bridge at the northern end of the Halls Gap Caravan Park. Enter the Halls Gap Botanic Garden and follow the signs to Chatauqua Peak. The track climbs through stringy bark forest to Mt. Victory Road.

Chatauqua Peak, Grampians
The track to Chatauqua Peak

Cross the road and follow the track on the northern side, until you reach a junction. At the junction you have the option to go via Bullaces Glen which is a ferny glade at a base of a large rock. Either way, the track climbs steadily towards the ridge. Reaching another junction you have the option to track to the Chatauqua Peak. This section is more difficult as involve some rock scrambling. Reaching the peak, take your time and admire the views before returning to the junction taking the track to Halls Gap via Clematis Falls.

Chatauqua Peak, Grampians
View from Chatauqua Peak,
Chatauqua Peak, Grampians
Return to Halls Gap

This is a steady zig zag descent that takes you to Halls Gat Mt. Victory Road.

The Clematis Falls are mostly dry and can be only seen after heavy rain.

Chatauqua Peak, Grampians
Returning through the forest to Halls Gap

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