Eagle On The Hill

Eagle On The Hill

Eagle On The Hill, a world away from city life, is easy accessible from South -Eastern freeway. To reach Eagle On The Hill take the next turn off after Glen Osmond exit.

The Eagle On The Hill was well known for its popular hotel and pub, which was built in 1853 by William Anderson.  The Eagle On The Hill hotel was named in 1860 after a large effigy of an eagle hawk placed in front of the hotel. The bushfires destroyed the pub on 2 occasions. During the infamous Ash Wednesday bushfires in 1983, the hotel was completely destroyed.

The Eagle On The Hill was rebuilt after Ash Wednesday bushfires, but had to surrender in 2005 following the construction of the South- Eastern freeway.

The Eagle On The Hill is now popular with mountain bikers. Hikers can also enjoy pleasant walks in the rugged bushland of Mount Lofty.

Eagle On The Hill walk description

Eagle On The Hill
Hiking on Cleland Conservation Park Trails.

The Eagle on the Hill hike is a loop walk which combines different trails around Cleland Conservation Park.

 You can park at the car park, just  few hundred meters away from the hotel.

Enter in Cleland Conservation Park via gate 14 and take Yurebilla Trail.

At the junction of Yurebilla trail with Chinaman’s track, turn right and start climbing on Chinaman track. Leave Chinaman’s track turning right on Gurra Track, then take Nangare Track which continues with Heysen Trail. From Heysen Trail, turn right on Reynolds drive which re enters Cleland Conservation Park to become Carro track. Continue to the second track junction and turn left on the Birree Track.  For a shorter version, continue on Birree track and take the Mireen track on your left, to return to gate 14 close to the Eagle On The Hill hotel.

Eagle On The Hill
Chinaman Track

Alternatively, for a longer hike, leave Birree track at the first junction and follow the Spa track. Spa track will reunite with Birree Track. From Birree track turn left on Mireen track to return to gate 14 on Eagle On The Hill.

The walk takes you rambling on different walking trails of Mount Lofty with long climbs and descends. The walk is rewarding you with distant vistas, native bushlands and tall eucalypts. On the gully, patches of daisies are enjoying the spring time.


Eagle On The Hill
Rambling in Mount Lofty

Total distance of the loop walk was 12.15 km and it takes about 3 hours.

The route has a total ascent of 359.25 m and  a maximum elevation of 671.61 m. 

From km 0.71 there is a grade 3 climb of average 4.8 degree for 4.5 km.