Freycinet Peninsula Circuit, Tasmania Peninsula Circuit, Tasmania

Freycinet Peninsula Circuit is a picturesque walk, exploring Freycinet National Park and Wineglass Bay.

The circuit distance is of 38 km. The trip took 3 days. There was plenty of time to swim in clear water, rest on pristine, secluded beaches, enjoying the unspoilt environment.

Freycinet Peninsula Circuit, Tasmania
The journey begins

Day 1

Walking distance is approximate 10 km with optional trip to Bryan’s Corner.

Walking time is between 5 to 7 hours.

Freycinet Peninsula Circuit, Tasmania
Hazards Beach
Freycinet Peninsula Circuit, Tasmania
A dip before lunch

Start your track at the entrance of the Freycinet National Park. Follow the Hazards Beach Track. Ignore the Isthums Track and head towards the Hazard Beach.  Walk  the Hazards Beach to continue on Peninsula Track to the isolated Cooks Beach. Walk  the Cooks Beach and set up camp at Cooks Beach Camp.

Freycinet Peninsula Circuit, Tasmania

From Cooks Beach you can head to Bryan’s Corner which is a 3 km track.

Day 2

Walking distance is approximate 13 km with opportunity to climb Mount Freycinet and Mount Graham.

Returning back to Cooks Beach head north on Peninsula Track towards Wineglass Bay.  Set up camp at Wineglass Bay camp.

Day 3

Walking distance 7-10 km

Freycinet Peninsula Circuit, Tasmania
Leaving Wineglass Bay beach

From Wineglass Bay camp walk the pristine 1.5 km long Wineglass Beach and return via Wineglass Bay track to the car park. You have the opportunity here to Summit Mount Amos if weather permits.

Freycinet Peninsula Circuit, Tasmania
Mount Amos

Well known for its beauty, Freycinet National park has pristine beaches backed by massive pink granite mountains Mount Freycinet and the Hazards. The pink granite of the Hazards is caused by iron oxide in feldspar. Therefore, take the time and enjoy the turquoise water and the white sandy beach at Wineglass Bay.

The water supply is limited. Consequently, ensure you carry enough water during your trip.

Freycinet National park is a very special place for walkers. You can only access the park by walking or by boat. Freycinet Peninsula Circuit should definitely be on your bucket list.

Wild Women on Top group organised the trip with the support of Tasmanian Expeditions.

You can check their websites if planning a trip at

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