Mount Lofty Birriee Track

Mount Lofty Birriee Track

Mount Lofty Birriee Track is a loop walk that starts at Mount Lofty Summit, 710 meters altitude. The walk is 10.7 km long and takes 2 hours and 40 minutes to complete.

From Mount Lofty Summit, follow the Waterfall Gully Track downhill turning left  at the junction with Adventure track also called Chinaman Hut Track.
Continue downhill on the Chinaman Hut track until you meet Carro track at a T junction. Turn left and follow Carro track.

Mount Lofty Birriee Track
Chinaman Hut Track

You  have two options to return to Mount Lofty Summit.

The shorter and steep option is to continue on Carro track.
This walk is described

For a flatter walk take the track on the right Birriee Track.

Birriee track is a narrow track meandering through bushland glades with daisies and swarms of butterflies. Black cockatoos with yellow tails could be seen in large numbers.

We follow the new link trail Crafers to Mount Lofty Summit marked blue to take us back to the Summit and car park.

Mount Lofty Birriee Track
The Nan Harford Trail

Walking on the Harford Bushland Trail dedicated to the first inspector of forests offers nice views over the Adelaide Plains.

Mount Lofty Birriee Track
View from Nan Harford Trail