Mount Lofty Circuit

Mount Lofty Circuit incorporates mainly fire tracks on the outskirts of Cleland Conservation Park. Two similar circuits are described in the post.

The hiking trails rewards you with stunning views over Adelaide City.

Mount Lofty Circuit from Chambers Gully

Starting at Chambers Gully ,the walk follows the Long Ridge Track, then Perimeter Track before climbing to Mount Lofty Summit. The Obelisk at Mount Lofty Summit was built in 1885 as a trigonometric survey monument.

Mount Lofty Circuit
Mount Lofty Obelisk

Enjoy lunch, coffee at Mount Lofty Summit before returning to the trail. Walking down the Waterfall Gully track, ignore first Heysen trail junction as it takes you to Mt. Lofty Botanic garden. Turn left at the second junction on Heysen trail; continue on Chinaman Hut Track towards Mount Barker Road, turning right on the Old Bullock Track. Following Centre Track after a steep descent will turn right to exit Mount Osmond reserve. Turn left on Waterfall Gully Road back to starting point.

Distance: 19.2 km

Climb: 660 m

Time: 5- 5.5 hours

Difficulty: hard

Season: All. Take extra care in summer, have enough water, good footwear.

Starting point: Park the car at Chambers Gully off Waterfall Gully Road.

How to get there: From Greenhill Road, turn right at roundabout on Glynburn Road, left on Waterfall Terrace then right on Waterfall Gully Road.

Mount Lofty Circuit from Eagle on the Hill

An alternative to above circuit is to start at Eagle on the Hill, at the junction of the Old Bullock Track about 5km up the Mt Barker Road from the freeway.

Mount Lofty Circuit
Hiking on Mount Lofty Trails

From Eagle on the Hill, walk on Old Bullock Track, passing the Mount Osmond Golf Course, follow the single file switchbacks to reach Centre Track. Admire on the city views that lies before you. Continue on Centre track, turn right following the track downhill to reach Waterfall Gully Road. Continue on Burnside Quarry Track, than Chambers Gully Track, Bartrill Spur to Cleland Wildlife Park. From the carpark continue on Bilba track, Yurebilla Trail.

Turn left on Chinaman’s Hutt track. At the intersection with Mireen Track, continue uphill on an indistinct path to Measday Lookout. From here are only few hundred meters to car park, walking along Mount Barker Road.

The total distance is 14.23 km with an elevation of 508 meters, about 3.5 hours.