Scott Creek Walks

Scott Creek walks

Scott Creek is situated in Dorset Vale, 28 km South-East from Adelaide and has an extensive network of walking trails. Scott Creek is a biodiverse environment with wooded slopes and gullies. During winter months, bandicoots, possums, rabbits could be seen. In the park there are numerous natives such as Sticky hop bush, Fringe- lily, Heath Tea Tree and Golden pennant, eucalypts. Orchids flower can be abundant in spring. Most common orchids are spider orchid and wax lip orchid.

Outer Circuit Scott Creek East

Walk on Dorset Vale Road then turn left on Matthew Road.

Enter Scott Conservation Park and walk on Neville Road.

Turn left on Curranwong Ridge Track, follow the track, turning right at the intersection with Yacca Track.

Continue walking turning right at the intersection with Bronze Wing Track, then turn right on Gurr Road, turn Right on Mount Bold Ridge, turn right on Shingle Back Track, turn right again on Neville Road to return to car park.

                 Inner Circuit Scott Creek East



The second circuit is slightly shorter and similar with the first one. The difference is that from Mount Bold Ridge , turn right on Stringybark Track.


Scott Creek
Walking on the Stringyback Track

Scott Creek Western Side

Park at the Almanda Mine Car Park, Dorset Vale Road, Cherry Gardens.

From the Almanda Mine car park take the indistinct path up hill towards the Quarry.

Turn left and continue on Quarry Ridge Track, then turn right to follow the creek.

Cross the creek uphill to reach Green Hooded track, turn right at Thorley Road, continue to Frith Road and enter park across the road through the gate.

Follow the track and turn left before reaching the paddock, follow trail west, cross the creek and then head south east towards Marshall Road.

Follow the track along the direction of Marshall Road, then turn right and continue on the path, past unusual buildings of Pangkalilla to reach the trail at the creek crossing.

Retrace the trail than head towards Frith Road , enter through gate 21 and return via Almanda Track to the car park.

Most of the track is not marked and is best to download the GPS track for easier navigation.

Scott Creek walks
Pangkallila building

Scott Creek Exploration

From Almanda Mine car park on Dorset Vale Road, cross the road and take the Mine Shaft Track, turn left on Echidna track, turn left on Dorset Vale Road and continue on Eys Working Track and return to Mine Shaft Track to close the loop.

The second loop follows the creek then continues up the hill. It is unmarked trail and my advise is to avoid it unless you have GPS track.

Return to Almanda Mine car park. From here take the indistinct track uphill to the Quarry and turn left and follow the Quarry Ridge Track. Turn right and follow the creek, cross the creek and go uphill to reach the Green Hooded Track. Continue on the Green Hooded Track all the way to Quarry and then turn left following the track to the intersection with Almanda Track where you turn right to return to the car park.