Yurrebilla Trail, Belair to Summertown

Yurrebilla Trail is a 54 km which starts at Belair Railway Station to Black Hill Conservation Park.
The trail is divided in 5 sections:
Section 1 Belair Railway Station to Eagle on the Hill. Distance=17.5 km
Section 2 Eagle on the Hill to Summertown Distance= 7 km
Section 3 Summertown to Norton Summit Distance= 9 km
Section 4 Norton Summit to Morialta Distance=7.5 km
Section 5 Morialta to River Torrens Distance=13 km

The first section of the walk starts at Belair National Park, at Old Belair Station. Following the marked trail,you will arrive at Playford Lake where you can watch cormorants, waterfowls and other species of birds.

Playford LakeThrough Belair Park

From here, the trail takes you to the Echo Tunnel.
Before you reach the Echo tunnel you will see a trail that diverts to the right to Old Government House which was built in 1860. The Old government house is only opened on Sunday and public holidays.
Passing through the Echo Tunnel (I always forgot my torch, but was OK to get through, with the light from the iphone) the trail takes you to the Lower Waterfall. Soon after, the trail turns left following Workanda Track. After 4.5 km you cross Sheoak Road and follow Pony Ridge Road and walking through Brownhill Creek Recreation Park, you will reach Mc Elligotts Quarry (9.5km).

Brownhill Creek

From here, passing through Waite Conservation Reserve, you will end up at Eagle on the Hill (17.5 km).

Off the trail is worth a visit is Carrick Hill (www.carrickhill.sa.gov.au) or to Urrbrae House Historic Precint (www.waite.adelaide.edu.au/urrbraehouse).

From Eagle On The hill we follow the undulating trails through Cleland Conservation Park, Waterfall gully track, Bilba Track, Shanty and Pillbox Track. After 7 km we exit Cleland Conservation Park at Mount Lofty Summit Road. Turning left, after a short walk on the road, will meet Greenhill Road, where we finish our walk.

View from the trail

Off the trail there are numerous attractions: Waterfall Gully, Chinamans Hut Ruin, Mount Lofty Summit, Mount Lofty Gardens, Cleland Wild life Park.
Total distance= 24.5 km.(our GPS showed more 25.5 km) If this is challenging, you can start the second section at Eagle on the Hill.

Access the trail:

Belair National Park
Car park available at Belair railway station or in Belair National Park
Bus 195 from the city bus stop 28 then walk south down Upper Sturt Road
Train to Belair from city

Eagle on the Hill
Bus 166 from city, Stop 21
Car park on Eagle on the Hill


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