Hiking Mount Amos, Freycinet Peninsula,Tasmania

Hiking Mount Amos, Freycinet Peninsula,Tasmania

 Hiking Mount Amos, Freycinet Peninsula,Tasmania is a short, challenging walk but nether less impressive with panoramic views over Wineglass Bay.  The walk is definitely worth it, despite the struggles and the scrambling  over the slippery steep rocks.

Mount Amos, the massive granite rock that dominates over the Freycinet Peninsula shines with faded white, pink and grey colours.

The walk is 4 km and takes about 3 hours. The walk has a total ascent of 396.75 m and has a maximum elevation of 435.0 m.  After the initial gravelled path, the track becomes rockier and less definite. Try to follow the yellow markers and avoid the damp areas with trickling water, which are very slippery. When scaling the granite you should know that the faded white coloured areas of the rock are the most slippery, a bit less slippery the pink areas and the least slippery the rough blacks ones.

Hiking Mount Amos, Freycinet Peninsula,Tasmania

The hard work pays off at you reach the Summit and you can enjoy the picture postcard of Wineglass Bay.  You need to be cautious on the way down and it is hard to know which is harder going up or coming down. This walk will be an unforgettable experience and you will be glad that you have done it.

 The walk is not recommended when wet or rain predicted.

 You need to wear proper hiking shoes with good grip.

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