Yurrebilla Trail, Summertown to River Torrens

Yurrebilla Trail is one of the most scenic hiking trail in Adelaide, passing several conservation parks. Hiking through different scenic sections of the trail you discover Australian flora and fauna and also historic sites. Off the trail you can visit Adelaide Hills townships, museums and get to know the local heritage.

This is second part of the Yurrebilla Trail, which I have walked from Summertown to River Torrens and involves the last 3 sections of Yurebilla Trail.

The Yurrebilla Trail marker is a red and green gum leaf image.

Total distance walked was 30.72 km in 8 hours and 30 minutes. It can be done in two or three sections.

The first 2 sections are described in the post https://aussietrailwalker.com/2016/06/yurrebilla-trail…ir-to-summertown/

Yurrebilla Trail is a 54 km which starts at Belair Railway Station to Black Hill Conservation Park.

The trail is divided in 5 sections:

Section 1 Belair Railway Station to Eagle on the Hill.  Distance=17.5 km

Section 2 Eagle on the Hill to Summertown Distance= 7 km

Section 3 Summertown to Norton Summit Distance= 9 km

Section 4 Norton Summit to Morialta Distance=7.5 km

Section 5 Morialta to River Torrens   Distance=13 km

I have start the walk at the intersection Greenhill Road and Summit Road where I  completed the first part.

Alternative you can park in Summertown which is 1 km away.

The third section Summertown to Norton Summit takes you to Horsnell Gully Conservation Park. It follows the same route as Heysen Trail to Norton Summit. Total distance of this section is 9 km.

Horsnell Gully Conservation Park was named after John Horsnell who together to Charles Giles was among the first settlers in this area. On this trail, you will pass Giles ruins which was an original cottage of one of his workers employed to work at his orchard.

Giles Ruins

Around the Giles Ruins area you can spot lots of koalas. This section has a grade 3 climb which starts after 5 km and lasts 2.11 km with an average grade of 8.5%.

Arriving at Norton Summit you can relax at Playford Centenary Garden, have a coffee at the Scenic Hotel or visit the Norton Summit Post Office and Museum.

Playford Statue


Section 4 Norton Summit to Morialta has a total distance of 7.5 km.  You can start this section at Norton Summit and is a beautiful section as goes through Morialta Conservation Park and passes by Morialta Third Falls.

105 (2)

You can park the car at Norton Summit behind the post office if you decide to walk only from this section.

On this section you have another climb of grade 3 difficulty starting after 16km from the start and have a length of 2.4 km with a 7.5% average grade.

Morialta Conservation Park has 3 waterfalls and is very picturesque. Kaurna people gave the name Morialta which means “ever flowing creek”

Passing the third falls you follow the trail and reach an intersection where you can take the track above or below. There is no marking signs but the Yurrebilla trail is the lower track. If you walk the upper track which is the Heysen trail after a short distance you will join  Yurebilla Trail.

The last section, section 5 Morialta Conservation Park to River Torrens has 13 km.

You can start this section at Morialta Conservation Park at First Falls car park. Following the track to Deep View Lookout you follow the Rocky Hill Track then Moores Track and Fox Hill Track passing via Fox Dam. After less than 2 km you exit Morialta Conservation Park arriving at Montacute Road. Follow Montacute Road for 4 km to enter to Black Hill Conservation Park.  Take the Quarry Track and then Black Hill Track. After 24 km you start the last climb, which is of grade 2 with a length of 3.11 km and average grade of 7.8 %.  A small detour to Black Hill Summit and returning to Black Hill track, you follow the Sugarloves Trail to descent in Ambers Gully and complete the Trail.

128 (2)

Total distance= 30.72 km

Time= 8.30 hors

Total ascent=926.29 m

Maxim elevation = 616.28 m

More information at     http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/parks/Home